Arne Jacobsen’s Tanken – First & Last of 2018


It was the summer of 2015, when I first passed by Arne Jacobsen’s Tanken. This masterpiece of a building,designed by and named after this famous Danish architect back in 1930s and constructed in 1936 cannot be looked over. Its characteristic roof was a reason for people to call it Paddehatten (which in Danish stands for mushroom) and the white Meissen tiles give it the chic look. 80 years after construction it is still a functional gas station, located on the coast line. But now, it also serves a more social role…

Every Saturday, there is a classic cars-and-coffee meet-up – similar to the Tuesday ones at Toldboden, which I described a few times already. Although I have found out about these in late 2017, I could not make it to the spot until early October this year. Let me tell you, it is well worthy going!


That Saturday was simply amazing –warm and sunny. And such conditions always guarantee a great turn-up. This time was not any different, so when the meeting officially kicked off at around 10am, the station was already full of classics. I was overwhelmed with the number of vintage automobiles parked everywhere. Not to mention, they constantly kept on coming. I gathered my thoughts, started admiring and shooting. Grey Porsche 356 after world-class restoration and with red accessories inside had stolen my heart… Just for it to be won over by the BMW M1, which just came in, seconds later. I reckon it was my first time to see one on the road!

Doubtlessly, Porsche was the producer of the day – there were so many 911s and 356s that I simply lost the count. Oneof the most interesting ones was a blue, race-prepared 911S. The owner is an active race driver and even finished second in his first racing season with the car! It is such a great pleasure to know cars like that are actively racing –although standing there on semi-slicks it was not any less impressive.


Hands down, all the cars, which came that day were stunning automobiles, not a single doubt about that. How could anyone even argue? We are speaking here about Alfa Romeo GT Junior Zagato, Ferrari 348TS, two Porsches 356 Spider, Porsche 914-6, TVR 3000M, Mercedes 190SL, Lotus Europa, few E-Types and even an MG driven by a German Shepherd. What could possibly beat the last?! Surprisingly… a cat.

But, oh-my, what an exotic one that was. I spotted that red DeTomaso Pantera GTS from afar and immediately rushed to it. I have not seen one in a long time and I was not expecting to see any,anytime soon. Production of this Italian-American collaborative effort began in 1970 and lasted for astonishing 21 years. Although they were produced for such a long time, there were only 7260 made and, God only knows how many there are left. Powered by Ford’s V8 mounted centrally and coupled with manual, 5-speed gearbox it must be a joyful car to drive. Not to mention, it can reach up to 280kmph. It definitely lives up to its name, taking from the fast cat! When it left, I managed to catch it charging up the freeway – believe me, that thing really is fast…


Lots of cars left already and sadly, I realized the classic car season for me was over. The meet-ups continued for few more weekends but I knew I could not make it for any of them. I cannot complain though – that day was the biggest one, before the classic cars of Copenhagen were put to sleep for a long, cold winter.

To all of you, who made it through – tusind tak for this year! See you in few months.

Text & Photos: Adam Pękala ©

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