Cars And Coffee Kick-Off At Formula Automobile


Formula Automobile could probably hardly imagine a better Sunday to start with the Cars and Coffee meeting series. The first weekend of April, contrary to what the usual spring looks like in Denmark, was with the sun shining bright and the temperature almost reaching twenty! What a great day to drink some coffee, eat donuts and wander around beautiful vehicles!

The meet-up took place at the recently opened headquarters of Formula in Lyngby, ten kilometers north of Copenhagen and one must admit, the new building looks great! Three story tall, it hides Ferrari and Maserati dealership, service, exhibition space and an excessive car storage. It all looks great but I am yet to pay another visit – on Sunday it was simply overcrowded to capture it all. And whilst the building itself looks great, the surroundings are yet to be tidied up, grass to grow and then it will all tie up… For now, the scenery was missing a bit, but I am sure it is just a matter of time.


As one could expect of the meeting organized by Ferrari dealership, there were many red cars with Cavallino Rampante on the hood. Although the more modern ones were definitely a majority, there was a fantastic classic Dino 246 GT and another Dino 208 GT, which made the Italian pack not all too-young. Younger, but still impressive, were the 348TB and my personal favorite – 360 Challenge Stradale – not too frequent a sight! Going forth on the production line there were Ferrari 430 in almost all versions (even including the Scuderia), two Californias, two 488 GTB and a sales car of the 812 Superfast. Oh, and how could I forget? A stunning duo of black and red 599 GTB! What. A. Lineup.

The other exclusive Italian brand with a trident on the hood was represented, if I am not mistaken, by only three cars. One classic Biturbo, a Granturismo and Grancabrio from Formula Automobile. An Italian vehicle that surprised me the most though was Fiat 126BIS, produced by FSM in Poland. It should be also mentioned that its charismatic owner – Jesper – would doubtlessly win the best dressed person trophy, had there been one! Next to it was a lovely Autobianchi Bianchina and just few steps away – classic Fiat 500 ideally branding the Cars and Coffee event flag!


Unless a car event was brand-specific, I cannot recall any meet-up without a German car and this one, was no exception. However, I do not think anyone could complain, as the visitors were just grand. Let me start with one of the best, if not the best roadster lineup one could imagine – a silver 190SL and.., yes, the 300SL. Both were in just pristine condition and incredible specs with the latter stealing my heart with a black body – cream leather interior combination.

Still from Stuttgart, there were quite a few nice Porsches, too. One could not miss the usual suspect, an orange 2.7 Carrera RS. It was followed by what is claimed to be the best road-legal sportscar of all times – a pair of the GT3 RS, one of which was dressed up in Lava Orange. Just look at it, when it shoots at the horizon!

I am personally quite glad that there was more to it than just Ferrari, Mercedes and Porsche stealing the show. Building on that, there was a British invasion in form of a classy 1958 Jaguar XK150 and a Lotus Esprit Turbo. Both were red and whilst the former was contrasting a bit when pictured against sheet piling, the latter drew nothing but James Bond memories from ‘For Your Eyes Only’!


First Cars and Coffee meetings at the Formula Automobile was a great choice for car lovers. The selection was superb and everyone’s mood was boosted by the smell of 100 octane petrol, sun and spring vibes. I am really glad I came and on top of that, visited the showroom, which left me longing for more. Let me tell you – it hides some really nice gems!

And although I will not be able to go for the second meeting on the 26th of May, if you have a morning to spare, do not hesitate and go. You will not regret it!

Text & Photos: Adam Pękala ©

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