New Season Is On – and Toldboden Is Right at It!


Early April in Denmark means either warm and sunny days or close to zero temperatures combined with rain. On Tuesday the 9th it was fortunately still sunny, but one could sense that all the warmth has been used on the Cars and Coffee meeting the Sunday before – depicted here.

Cold has never frightened petrolheads and the attendance was just great. Although at first, I was quite hesitant whether or not should I start going to Toldboden already, first two V8 Corvettes arriving with their roofs down proved I made the right choice. The first one had a stunning color, looking like cherry red, but the chrome rims put me off a little bit. Still a stunning car, though… If I was to choose, however, I would go for the second, original look of the 1968 Corvette in white. 


Cars with the star on the hood always have a special place in my heart and this time, all the Mercedes’ did not disappoint me either. First one to arrive was dark green Pagoda with incredibly well restored interior in dark green. Not sure if it is the original Brown Brasil color, but one could hardly imagine a better configuration. Not so long after, another one in white pulled up to make for a great roadster duo.

But all against the weather, it seemed like the German convertibles were on fire that day. First one to join the Pagodas was their successor, a late production SL R107 from 1987. It was an American version, 560 to be precise. It is a car which is very close to me – simply because I co-own one. And mine was even produced in the same year! However, I could only wish mine was so low on mileage and in such a pristine condition. And, as you can all see in the pictures, I was not the only one admiring it!

Last but not least, there was quite an interesting and distinguished convertible arriving – an all-black version of a 1968 W111 280SE. Rolling on beautiful Barock wheels was looking beautifully, although not all-original. It is difficult not to love such a car anyway – long wheelbase makes it literally a boat for the road and standing there at the wharf, it was looking just grand.


One could definitely notice those were the Jaguars, who ruled the day. Having a club meeting on the same day, they populated Toldboden with a vast selection of models from almost every decade, all the way back to the fifties!

Let’s do a little count then! Starting from February 1950 there was Jaguar Mark V with a straight six, 3 ½ Litre engine. With body in black combined with chrome details and dark red, patinaed interior it must have scored my ‘car of the day’ award.

Scoring off the ‘60s were two 3.4 Litre Jaguar Mark 2 Saloon and the ‘70s were represented by the most beautiful car off all times – at least according to Enzo Ferrari – a 1971, 4.2 Litre E-Type. Going into more modern ‘80s there was a great 1987 XJSCs and the ‘90s look was brought by its successor – an XK8. Oddly, there was also a millennial child – the S-Type, and to fulfill the formality – a 2012 Jaguar XKR. It topped the chart by being the only car from the ongoing decade. You did not expect it, did you?!

And I did not, either! Although my palms had frozen completely from holding the camera, I did not regret visiting Toldboden that day. Heading home for Easter I knew I will miss the next few meet-ups but this one, definitely rose to my expectations.

Text & Photos: Adam Pękala ©

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