Fiats Ruling Toldboden… Until the Chevy Stole the Show!


I knew May will be super busy for me and as I realized I will hardly make any of the Toldboden meet-ups, I decided to pay a visit on the last day of April. Even though I needed to leave early that day, the weather was simply amazing with sun shining bright, leaving me with expectations of the shore being full right from the kick-off and… I was not mistaken.

At the very beginning it seemed like the canal-side turned into little Italy – with a visit of a trio almost straight from Turin – two Fiats and a Lancia. The first manufacturer was represented by an 850 Sport Spider and an Abarth 695 EsseEsse, whilst the latter by a Fulvia bodied by Zagato. Although all three were stunning, it was the convertible that drew my attention as I reckon it was the first time me seeing one live. In really good condition and in vibrant green, it composited greatly with the surroundings. On the contrary, the white hot-hatch had some lovely details too, such as checkered mirrors as well as the engine lurking from underneath the boot. Lovely cars!


My ‘car of the day’ does go to the 1933 Chevrolet though, which came rambling around the parking lot before entering the ‘royal’ parking spot, with undisturbed view on the canal. I have seen this exact car last year and you can read and see more about it here. An amazing double-seater which resembles a little bit the 2-door model. Regardless how hard I tried, however, I could not research any model like it. The car itself was nothing but class, even though it shouts out loud how old it is with the ‘33’ proudly painted onto the grille.

Funnily enough, parked right next to it was its younger brother, a 1969 Chevrolet Corvette C3 in yellow. Although that one is a frequent visitor, this time its presence could have shone a light on how the automobiles of one manufacturer changed over 36 years, back in the mid-20th century. A giant leap!


Remember that part about German vehicles and car meetings from my last article? This time was not any different. There was a fantastic line-up of two Porsches – the always-welcomed 356 and a phenomenal 1979 911 3.0 SC – combined with a semi-racing version of a BMW 1602.

The latter paid a visit for the first time and although I did not have a chance to speak to the owner much, it looks like a very cool project. Just look at its details! It was standing there on semi-slicks with double Weber carburetors sharpening the looks of the engine. Interior was pretty sleek, too, if you notice the super-cool vintage stopwatch on the steering wheel. Nothing much to say other than… drive tastefully!

Although I needed to leave myself, I will leave you with some more shots – hope you will enjoy the selection!

Text & Photos: Adam Pękala ©

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