Long Time No See, Toldboden – Summertime Alfa and Fashion

It has been quite a while, since I visited the shores of Toldboden. Travelling around for various events I could hardly believe two months passed since I went to the meet-up last. However, taking into account the perfect summer weather, combined with the all-so-special turn-out and a spontaneous photoshoot with Corina – a fashion blogger from Copenhagen – it was well-worth waiting.


In my previous reportages I used to wait with my ‘car-of-the-day’ award until the very last paragraph. This time I simply cannot, and the car itself was not hiding on the parking either. White Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider from 1957 was standing right at the beginning of the line, next to a contrasting red MGA.

There is no doubt that the design Pininfarina pulled on this one is superb and simply state of the art. Giulietta has been produced in various body types, including berlinas, coupes and roadsters. The latter was produced in 14’300 pieces and that particular one was imported from the American market. It even has the stickers on the windshield.

To me, the Spider is the second-best design of the Giulietta, but honestly – is it fair for this stunning automobile to be compared to the Sprint Speciale? Just look at all its details! The front grille, sleek body lines and fantastic cockpit with the typical Alfa-style dashboard, manual gear-stick and the Pininfarina logo right in the center. It does look perfect and additional kudos to the owner for a funny, Pinocchio-alike key-chain!


Not too far away, in front of the Toldboden restaurant there was another Italian. Born in 1963 and this time from Turin was Lancia Flaminia GT bodied by Carrozzeria Touring. Not too many people are aware of the fact that this particular Gran Turismo is quite rare a car. With the 2.8-litre engine there were only 168 pieces ever produced!

This particular one was brilliantly configured, with its dark navy paintwork contrasting nicely with cream interior. As this was the GT version, it fits only two, but shorter wheelbase resulting from that does magic for the proportions of the car. Perfect machine for a weekend drive to the countryside picnic, with a mandatory spumante. Martini, to be exact, as per the rear license plate!


If I wanted to describe all the beautiful vehicles that arrived that sunny afternoon this article would be far too long. There was a beautiful Mercedes 250SE in light blue, matched with red interior and a fantastic Jaguar Mark II, Porsche 356 Speedster and Morgan 4/4. There even was a red Triumph Herald -1200E Saloon to be precise. All of those vehicles deserve a chapter but today, few more lines will be about the only car that arrived on… six wheels!

Dodge WC-63 Truck is an army vehicle, produced as cargo and personal carrier and is almost exactly the same as the WC-62 version – what distinguishes the two is the winch, which the former was equipped with. Both types were part of the one-and-a-half tone group, corresponding to the payload the truck can carry. They came in handy when the rifle squads enlarged from eight to twelve men, and total of 6’344 was provided to the World War II Allies. With its 6×6 drive, total mass of 3’250kg and outrageous size it doubtlessly was the biggest car ever at Toldboden!


Just before heading home I spotted a couple taking pictures right next to a red 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass. As it turned out, the model was Corina Culeva – lifestyle and fashion blogger, responsible for a project called “Un Bouquet d’Amour”.

Corina, dressed in white, classy set paired with a black top and matched with summer accessories made for a perfect, subtle combination with both the red muscle car and the Italian lady-of-the-day. Do you like the looks?

Text & Photos: Adam Pękala ©

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